Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13 Update

Hi out there to all my fans. Hopefully things are going well for everyone. Book sales have been pretty good so far and Kindle is just burning it up. I'm really excited at how well this new story line is doing. It helps to confirm my thought that the Von Dred/Jacob story had nearly played itself out. I might have broken the story up more into different books or did as I did with Jacob and follow some of the other characters on their journey. But enough about the past stories.

Okay, so I've had several requests to explain Thavs and what it means. I'll give everyone who hasn't bought the book or the Kindle edition yet a hint. The word chav is an English term for a certain type of young man (mostly) in the UK. That's the hint for today.

I am working simultaneously on the other two books that go along with Blood Underground: Book One. Book Two is the farthest along at the moment, but there has been considerable work on Book Three as well. Thanks again for all your comments, reviews, questions, etc.

Keep on reading.

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