Friday, August 3, 2012

Blog, Day 2

Good morning my friends and mates around the world!
As you all know, I'm a writer in my spare time. I live in Fargo, N.D. but have lived all over the place in my day. I write for fun, not for profit. I set the prices on my books through Amazon at the bare minimum allowable for their size. My stories are complex tales that delve deeply into the characters, not just what's on the surface, but what's underneath that makes them the way that they are. Most of my work has been in the vampire genre because growing up I loved the old vamp movies on early Saturday mornings and have been a fan of horror and sci-fi ever since. I try to bring something new to the story, as well, changing some of the folklore associated with the vampire tales.
In the coming weeks, months, and hopefully years, I'll be updating this blog with the latest on what I'm writing and when new books are released.
I've just finished and published Blood Underground: Book One - Thavs. I am currently working on the two follow-up books.
Additionally, when I get blocked on the Blood Underground stories, I have about six other books that I am working on bit-by-bit.
Thanks for reading!

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